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Anchor Fluid Power has developed a low cost solution to leaky, gasketless port covers. Forged steel shipping plates are 0.33" thick, silver trivalent plated for resistance to oxidation, and incorporate an O-Ring groove on one side for "Zero Pressure" applications. The opposite side has a machined flat-face for capping off hose ends.
When ordering this part # you will receive: (1) Shipping Plate, (4) Hex Head Bolts, and (1) Buna N O-Ring.
Unit of Measure


Dimension Drawing

CD61/CD62 Zero PSI Shipping Plates


N/A Plate Only


N/A Carbon Steel


N/A Code 62

Pad Size

N/A 1.25 in

Dimension A

N/A 3.060 in

Dimension B

N/A 3.750 in

Dimension C

N/A 1.250 in

Dimension D

N/A 2.625 in

Dimension E

N/A 0.330 in

Dimension F

N/A 1.750 in

Dimension G

N/A 0.610 in


N/A Cylinder Port Covers, Pump Port Covers, Stub-Out Header Line Covers, Maintenance Work and Great for Painting Protection

Not for use on Dynamic or Pressurized applications.