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  • 11 Series Self-Sealing Couplings

    The 11 Series coupling is designed specifically for high temperature and is capable of handling up to a continuous 590ºF (310ºC). Squirt free operation with automatic, jam free, double lever locking mechanism. Suitable for heat transfer systems and oils, mold heating and heating facilities. Made of oil burnished high temperature steel with high-temp seals, the 11 Series coupling is very capable for high temperature applications.

  • TT Series Couplings

    Anchor Fluid Power supplies Walther TT Series Couplings for cryogenic applications down to -200ºC and with operating pressure of up to 16 bar / 230 psi. The primary applications of these couplings provide a safe, fast and leak free connection of cryogenic media to supply containers and systems that are to be supplied with cryogenic gases.

  • HC Series High Pressure Clean Break Couplings

    The HC series of clean break couplings were designed specifically for high-pressure hydraulic applications. In this clean break design, integrated valves make sure that no medium is lost and the air is not allowed into the systems when the coupling is operated. The HC Series also has many other features that make it perfect for different applications.

    HC Coupling Features

    • Automatic lock
    • Squirt free
    • Flat face design for easy cleaning
    • Self-lubricating
    • Full working pressure for halves even when disconnected
    Take a look at our available HC Series couplings below or give us a call for more information.

  • Ball Face (BF Series) Low Pressure Clean Break Couplings

    The BF Series (ball face) couplings were developed primarily for chemical industry applications. They are a clean break coupling which can be used for both non-lubricating media, such as demineralized water, process liquids, "dry" gases and solvents, or lubricating media, such as oils or soap solutions. Design features provide for easily cleanable surfaces.

    The BF Series couplings are available in small bore sizes of 5mm or 9mm and 12mm and larger bore sizes of 25mm and 50mm. Made of stainless steel, the BF series connects/disconnect process is squirt free, allowing minimal spillage or air inclusion.

    Ball Face Coupling Features:

    • BF couplings provide a clean break during connection and disconnection.
    • Automatic locking with "push to connect" operation.
    • Can be used with both non-lubricating and lubricating media.
    • Couplings are easy to maintain and clean.