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  • Low Pressure (LP Series) Walther Couplings

    The LP series contains low-pressure quick couplings in 06, 07, LP, and SP types. These couplings can be used for a variety of different media including:

    • Water
    • Fuel
    • Compressed air
    • Oils

    LP Series Coupling Features

    LP series couplings are available in nominal bore sizes ranging from 2.5-50 millimeters and can withstand pressure up to 1450 psi. Products in this line a wide in a variety of materials, finishes, and seal options. Couplings are either self-sealing, self-sealing adaptors, thru type couplings, or thru type adaptors. View our full catalog of low-pressure Walther couplings below:

  • Pneumatic KL Series Walther Couplings

    The KL Series is a low pressure, plastic coupling family. Typical for water, fuel, technical gases and midly aggressive media. Part of the Walther quick coupling series, the KL couplings are available in three types including KL-006, KL-012 and KL-030.

  • Medium Pressure (MD Series) Walther Couplings

    The MD series contains medium pressure quick couplings in SG and MD types. These couplings can be used for a variety of fluid media, including lubricating greases and hydraulic oils. They are available in nominal bore sizes ranging from 6-50 millimeters in a variety of material, finish and seal options.

  • High Pressure (HP Series) Quick Couplings

    The HP series contains high pressure quick couplings. Typical in steel or stainless steel, the HP series is offered with a variety of options and pressure ratings with bore sizes ranging from 4-50 millimeters. Although grouped in the HP series family, subsea variations of the high pressure series is distinctly different. Specifics on the subsea HP series as well as other couplings can be found in the Offshore & Subsea Technology brochure.

  • Non-Interchangeable (UF Series) Couplings

    The UF Series contains standard manual couplings that are available in bore sizes ranging from 6-32 millimeters. These non-interchangeable Walther couplings are offered with both square and triangular connection point shapes, and each coupling must be paired with the same shape. They are best suited for low pressure applications with maximum working pressures up to 580 psi.