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  • 84 Series Subsea Couplings

    The 84 Series coupling is a cartridge mount coupling used primarily for subsea tree control systems. Testing has shown that up to 500 connect/disconnect cycles can be performed without damage to the metal seal. The highly reliable 84 Series coupling has been extensively tested, with thousands currently in use today.

  • SH Series Subsea Couplings

    The Walther SH Series, also referred to as the "White Rose" Series couplings are a diver operated, screw-together type coupling, with design features allowing easy diver connection and disconnection.

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    Increased Productivity

    The WALTHER IDHS connects to a hot stab receptacle like any other standard unit. However, it has 2 redundant supply lines attached. The internal valve design ensures that a damaged line will be isolated automatically while the other line takes over and the system stays operationable.

    Subsequently, the hot stab can be disconnected and replaced during a scheduled maintenance at any convenient point in time. Even if both lines fail, the system automatically vents the receptacle.

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    The design is based on two requirements, which are reliability and ease of use. For the implementation of these parameters, only proven technology and components were used. As a result, this system allows the customer to operate easier and quicker compared with existing systems.

    The modularity of the approach ensures different versions without compromising the proven technology.